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Dr. Jason Shoemaker, aka “Dr. Shoe,” is a professional addiction and behavioral health therapist who is not here to mince words. Despite a lucrative career as a bar owner, Dr. Shoe became susceptible to the dangers of the nightlife and turned to using alcohol as a way to cope with his sexuality and familial relationships. After reaching a crossroad, he turned his life around after his stay in rehab and earned a Doctorate in Addiction Psychology. Driven by his personal journey with addiction and determination to heal others in recovery, he takes pride in giving his patients the intimate care they desperately need. As a specialist, his goals are to treat his patients and help them heal from addiction. He has traveled the globe seeking out new entrepreneurial opportunities and profound ways to help those in need. London’s NLP Programme has recognized his accomplishments, earning him the prestigious Executive Life Coach Certification. Passionately driven to help heal people from addiction, he is on a mission to cut the bs from the world of recovery and mental health and strip the process down to its barebones in his self-designed Six Steps to Recovery.  In addition to his speaking and workshop work, he hosts Cut the Bullshit: Breaking Through with Dr. Shoe podcast on United Broadcasting Network, where he and his guests discuss a multitude of themes affecting the recovery and mental health journey with “to the point” takeaways and tough love homework for his listeners.

Jason Shoemaker

YOUR JOURNEY must go on.

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Timothy John Aguilar CEO at 1KD.CO

Dr. Jason knows his stuff, it's very rare now a days to hear someone so genuine and straight to the point.


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