On this episode of Cut the Bullshit: Breaking Through with Dr. Shoe, we chat with Dope to Hope’s Jennifer Gimenez and Tim Ryan – the Power Couple of Recovery. Jennifer has gone from model and actress to TedXer, motivational speaker, and reality TV personality sharing her story of Hollywood addiction to sobriety. Tim Ryan got sober during his time in prison. After dealing with a family tragedy, he used his experience with addiction to become a role model and motivator in the world of recovery, he is the focus of A&E’s documentary, Dope Man, and authored From Dope to Hope: A Man in Recovery. Together they have become a powerful force, helping people through their own mental health journey. Dr. Shoe shares his own recovery story answers your questions and gives you his tough love homework.


Special thanks to Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez for this jam-packed episode! And watch the Full Episode down below!

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